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    Nov. 2013

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Le Regard #6 - Social TV: is social media about to save television?

Mawenzi Partners releases Le Regard #6 - Social TV: is social media about to save television?.

"In 2013, an estimated 55 million comments regarding TV programmes were posted on Twitter in France and 54 million conversations relating to the Superbowl broadcast were posted on Facebook in the United States. Although striking, these figures are just one aspect of the Social TV phenomenon. Programme-related discussions and recommendations, gamification and provision of fun services, customization and involvement of viewers in programme creation ... Social TV encompasses all initiatives and technologies that enrich the multimedia experience through communication and social interaction.

Mawenzi Partners has joined forces with Focusmatic, a company specializing in real-time digital data aggregation to understand the way Social TV currently works and the future relationship between audiovisual groups and digital operators. This is our analysis of the new televised broadcasting landscape based on a quantitative study of several million items of digital content and 15 years' experience in the audiovisual and telecommunications sectors."

You can read more about it in Our Publications section or on our Linkedin page (only French version available)