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In our company, careers in consulting are based on continuous learning and progression.
We aim for Mawenzi Partners consultants to have acquired the following skills after several years:

  • relevant technical expertise, especially in analytics

  • an ability to make judgements in order to handle complex client situations

  • a desire to resolve our clients' problems

Consequently, there are 6 job grades and employees' progression is based solely on their individual performance on assignments with clients as well as within the company.


Develops business and defines company priorities


Is the key link in relationships with clients


Manages projects


Manages one or more areas of work and may supervise staff


Independently performs tasks or an area of work


Acquires fundamental knowledge of the profession


and evaluation


In Greek mythology, Mentor is Odysseus' friend and tutor to his son Telemachus who he raises while his father is away...

Similarly, at Mawenzi Partners, mentors are partners or directors who guide consultants throughout their careers, providing informed advice, sharing their experience and offering fair and constructive support. All consultants are assigned a mentor with whom they meet formally or informally at regular intervals.

A systematic evaluation
system is implemented with:

  • a performance appraisal at the end of each assignment by the manager

  • a six-monthly performance review of all consultants to identify the progress they have made, their strengths and areas for development in the next six months

  • two discussions with mentors regarding past performance and future expectations

The main areas assessed
during these reviews are:

  • Analysis and research

  • Problem structuring and resolution

  • Project management

  • Communication

  • Client relations

  • Professional conduct


Training is a key part of consultant development. Besides essential on-the-job learning with clients, 'technical and behavioural' training is also vital to our consultants' progress.

A challenging training scheme has been devised that combines internal training delivered by experienced consultants and external training led by professionals.

Training modules are tailored to each job grade:

  •  For example, junior consultants may follow modules in: 'Structure and impact of written messages', 'project life', 'strategic and financial analysis', 'metaplan and workshop coordination', etc.

  •  More experienced consultants are trained on 'Public speaking (drama classes)', 'management', 'decoding client communication', etc.

  •  Managers and directors are offered ad hoc training sessions on problems they are addressing on behalf of their clients. These are delivered by external experts: e.g. on 'pricing strategy' and 'marketing innovation'.

What is your job ?

It all started last August So I took advantage of my 3 weeks vacation well deserved, after two and a half months of hard work on a fishing boat that was cabotage along the coast of Lombok in Indonesia. One afternoon, while my friends were sleeping in order to rest to have overslept in their previous nap, I saw Captain ', which was none other than Captain of the boat (Council Mawenzi Partners: the spirit of deduction is an essential virtue for a consultant) on the deck watching the horizon, lost in thought.

Small, slender, Quarantine, mustache, he was a real seriousness in his eyes, a bit like Omar Sharif in Tiercé Magazine. I approached him, and aware that her English theoretically gave him the opportunity to be paid to Wall Street Institute, I had the intention to inquire about the composition of the dinner. I knew in my heart that the menu would consist of plain rice, but I felt like an irrepressible need to talk to this man so mysterious.

After the last preliminary dietary approach, the discussion yet lasted, making me forget the pain that caused the Asian traditional position at my groin.

He spoke of his childhood youth of the streets, abandoned orphan, forlorn in the slums of Jakarta, his wife whom he had left alone in the city to come to work all year on this boat and send its € 90 monthly salary, its leaky roof, motorcycle she had to fix ... which reminded me that I was 2 months late in my technical control.

He said however that he was happy to be on this boat because he was alone and he finally had something to eat. It was Zola in the text, with less vocabulary course, but I was tied with emotion, realizing how the distance between us, me and him on the Maslow pyramid, was not a term of happiness ... (Mawenzi Council Partners: take a break from reading to appreciate the depth of this sentence) I was lost in my thoughts, trying to imagine remain living at sea and take a beach bungalow where we would go with Captain 'weekend, and then to spend my life there, watching the ocean with him, when he interrupted me, he asked me the question that we should not ask me this time, one that would spoil without warning this time of intense merger with the sea (€ 30 day course) ...

« Badi ba gob » ! I did not understand. Then he repeated « What is your job? »

Wooww ... silence passed ... it lasted, which hardly seemed to bother him, he was rather lonely ... I took advantage of the non-formalization to try to develop an answer ... like ... like a blown Hairy before Verdun, like Liechtenstein that plays against Spain ... like a Jean-Michel Bailey ... no hope ...

How could I tell that brave man who came to tell me in detail his suffering and could neither read nor write, that I was now a strategy consultant in the firm Mawenzi Partners? Our firm offered its multi sectoral customers to provide expertise and solutions to support their strategic, marketing and sales. I was at that big value creation ... No, impossible ... I thought he knew Kilimanjaro ... surely not.

I was faced with what can be called a big moment of existential loneliness, questioning my place in the universe. That might mean getting to a job that I was unable to explain 80% of the planet? What was my role in this web of connections that made the earth? I lived this forced negation of what I was like a tear: even if he came to live with me in Paris, I signifiais nothing to Captain ', when he was my guardian angel on this boat.

I slipped slowly, leaving unanswered, although it did not matter, and read Nietzsche party to cheer me up. Subsequently, the time helping, I gradually rediscovered smile, rocked by the waves and the peaceful life on board. But events came my doubts sweep away two days later. While we were sailing to Gili, our home base, we were caught in a storm force 8 on the scale of fear. We had to drop anchor but gigantic waves prevented us.

I sat huddled in the cockpit, feeling my last hour arrived, reassuring me by telling me that Mawenzi Partners had subscribed me life assurance that would put my mother from want.

And there, while the situation seemed hopeless, Captain ', in an act of foolish bravery, jumped into the water to release the anchor chain was blocked. The only problem was that Captain 'could not swim, he could not swim!

After many seconds to wait in a state of stress that I had not had since the submission of my final deliverable to our client Ms. F (Mawenzi Council Partners: never disclose customer name), Captain 'reappeared and climbed on deck exhausted.

At that time, Cedric, our French guide, looked at him and dropped a tone terse sentence that said it all : « You see, the problem with Captain 'is that he thinks the present moment, but not in time after ... »

And there was light. I understood everything. I looked at the man lying on the deck, soaking wet, and as he fell, everything took shape: my job was just thinking about the next moment! To do that this time Captain 'was my next moment in time! That was the value that consultants bring to the world. It is their anticipation of the things that people like Captain ', who have not had the chance to access education and privilege, will not have, they, to encumber the time of after. Well sure, sometimes it is important to think about it, otherwise we risk drowning. However, having a vision, forward thinking, anticipating, is an opportunity, the fact of the use daily, a privilege.

After checking that my function IPhone was not tempered, I left the comfort. And despite the admiration and affection I had for this man, I could not explain what I felt, but my smile, he knew that answer his question made me afraid ...

By the time you read these lines so there's someone between Bali and Lombok, sitting on the deck of his boat, barefoot, watching the sea, eating or fish, far from suspecting that 'thousands of kilometers away, a young consultant just spent two hours in a Paris office, to write about him, beyond all their differences, on what brought him.