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    Sep. 2012

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Le Regard #3 - Customer intimacy for brands can also be achieved by retailers

Mawenzi Partners releases Le Regard #3 - Customer intimacy for brands can also be achieved by retailers.

"Online sales of products and services have increased fivefold since 2005 to almost €39 billion in France in 2011. No longer restricted to travel and services, this trend now applies to consumer goods (household, car, food, etc.) which represent over 5% of retail trade.

Its effect on consumers is beyond doubt and the power of websites and social media to disseminate information is considerable. With offers on all sides and access to numerous distribution channels, buying habits are changing. Consumers are more demanding and aware of alternatives. They are also more attuned to the personalized attention of distributors who are playing an increasingly crucial role in their buying processes and in recommending brands. New urban trends including reduced car use and changes in household composition have redrawn the map of distribution operators. Proximity is prevailing over mass distribution. Hypermarkets are losing out to more urban, specialist stores more capable of promoting brands.
Brands, which are already actively engaged in meeting consumer expectations and creating an intimate relationship with them (targeted communication, website, social media, etc.), must also coordinate this policy in rapidly changing sales outlets. It is therefore increasingly important to follow the example of B2C initiatives by developing a genuine customer intimacy strategy, this time with distributors, to take account of their problems and issues. Moreover, according to Jacques-Antoine Granjon, the expert founder of Vente Privée, pure e-commerce operators will not be able to survive long without a network of physical sales outlets, which are now a key asset in the distribution value chain ... Isn't it time we took care of this asset?

What are the key factors in successful customer intimacy with distributors? What rules must be observed? How do you promote your values and vision while meeting the requirements of this specific customer type to ensure retention?

With a focus on marketing and sales, Mawenzi Partners attempts to answer these questions by incorporating this essential link in the customer relationship in its clients' development plans. A key part of the brand/distributor/customer ecosystem, distributors deserve their own marketing plan!"

You can read more about it in Our Publications section or on our Linkedin page (only French version available)

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