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    Jun. 2015

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Le Regard #8 - Multichannel customer experience

Mawenzi Partners releases Le Regard #8 - Multichannel customer experience.

"If, out of sheer curiosity, you were to ask 10 Apple users what their favourite aspect of their relationship with the brand was, you would be sure to get...10 different answers. This should come as no surprise as they have all had their own unique 'customer experience'. If the customer experience is defined as "all the feelings and emotions experienced by customers before, during and after a purchase, regardless of the channel they have chosen", his enthusiasm is essentially based on a complex mix of highly factual, practical elements and an intangible imaginary dimension. From the introduction of digital technology to big data and the multichannel approach, first need has always been consistency for customer who are less and less amnesic, who are decreasingly compartmentalized and increasingly knowledgeable. Each new breach of his relationship with a brand undermines the implicit agreement between the two parties... until the rupture."

You can read more about it in Our Publications section or on our Linkedin page (only French version available)

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